How we work

Since you know your business better than anyone else, we like to work closely with our clients to develop the best solution for the project in hand.

We think everyone produces their best results when they are part of a great team, so we like to work with people who are as passionate about their business as we are about making websites.

Although every site is unique, here is a guide to the process we go through when working on your site:

Planning and Discussion

We work with you and your team to identify your requirements and determine they can best be balanced with the needs of your users. We will agree a schedule, costings and brief for the project.

Idea generation

We love using pen and paper, and we start every project by sketching out thoughts and ideas before even touching the computer, considering not only first design ideas, but also user journeys and interactions. We produce sitemaps and wireframes to help us to work through any complex areas of the site, as well as to identify and resolve any potential issues before they happen.

This stage in the process is all about rapid iteration: ideas and concepts can be worked through quickly and will evolve until everyone is happy with the outcome. It is a great time for you and your team to be involved: after all, you know your business best!

Content strategy

Great websites are built on great content. From copy to photos, illustrations and videos, having a well thought out content strategy can make or break your site.

Your content should reflect the personality of your business and should be consistent, concise and appropriate. We can help you to cut out the jargon and develop a clear content plan for your site, where appropriate pulling in help from one of the dedicated Content Strategists who work alongside Pen & Pixel.

Design and Iteration

From our first ideas, we will progress and iterate the design until we have crafted the best visual solution for the site.


We develop using the most up to date coding technologies like html5 and css3, handwriting clean, clear and accessible code. This makes your site easier to maintain and update, as well as helping to improve search engine rankings. Every site is built with the future in mind to ensure its longevity.

Training and Support

We don’t just deliver the goods and walk away. After the launch of your site, we will be there to help with any ongoing support you need. If your site uses a CMS, we offer training to you and your team to ensure everyone is 100% confident with the technology. Building strong and lasting relationships with our clients is really important to us, so even after launch, we are often involved with the next stages of your web strategy.